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food service job description for resume

Additional Skills. Pro Tip: Once you’re done writing your professional resume for food service industry, save it in PDF. Also will be required to carry service trays up and down flights of stairs, When serving alcohol, Food Service Workers must maintain a watch for underage patrons by checking the identification of customers to ensure they meet alcohol age legal requirements, Must have a valid TIPs card to work at a Snack Bar serving alcohol, Must be able to work independently and finish tasks in a timely manner, Must be able to communicate effectively with coworkers and guests, Perform serving duties on a line to our guests during shift, Maintain store rooms and walk-in refrigerators, Ensure daily cleaning and sterilization of all dishes, silverware, and cooking utensil, Employee is responsible for knowing the environmental aspects and associated impacts of their job position. Follow it with your previous position and the one before that, and so on. Cleans and sanitizes utensils and equipment, Knowledge of several subjects in order to prepare reports, perform calculations and/or deal effectively with other people. Descriptions of job duties must be sufficiently detailed to document the level of your experience. Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Post of Food … ); assures the completion of all PoS transactions and the proper control of cash and media at PoS registers, Helps train cashiers and crosstrains other associates, Helps prepare daily deposits, change and media; some locations have access to safe combinations and keys, Ensures compliance of company policies, procedures and practices; supports loss-prevention efforts, Helps provide guest service, floor moves, housekeeping, display maintenance and merchandise replenishment as needed, Covers cashier shifts when call-offs occur, Washes, sanitizes and stores pots, pans, bowls, trays, cooking utensils and tools used in preparation and service of food, Cleans all areas of the Dietary department including but not limited to; floors, walls, ceilings, counters, cupboards, production, windows, doors, doorframes, fire suppression systems, carts, racks, serving and dining areas, tables, storerooms, chairs, shelving, equipment, ovens, refrigerated and freezer units, food storage areas and pot and pan area, Collects waste in all areas of department, transports and empties into waste compactor, Cleans departmental fryers. Maintain child and family confidentiality, Complete required forms and paperwork in a timely, neat, readable and appropriate manner, Exhibit the attributes identified in SCHS & EHS Professional Expectations/Standards, and, Comply with all SCHS/EHS policies, protocols and procedures, Possession of, or eligible for, a Snohomish Health District food worker card, Possess or ability to get a Washington State driver's license, Driving record free of significant or multiple violations within the last 3 years, Experience handling a stockroom and its inventory, Equivalent education can count towards 6 months experience, Ability to do tasks involving a variety of repetitive arm & hand movements, such as extensive scrubbing, scrapping, wiping, and polishing, Batches, sorts and counts food service utensils, dishes, equipment, food and non-food consumables supplies, Ability to communicate in English both verbally and in writing with staff or public in a face-to-face, one-on-one setting and using the telephone, Observe, compare, produce, and/or monitor orders, invoices and/or inventory reports to determine compliance with prescribed standards, Comprehends and make inferences from English written material, May be required to drive private or Head Start vehicle to carry out assigned tasks, Able to perform tasks effectively in an environment that is fast paced, has required deadlines and may be subject to frequent interruptions, Performs work requiring the ability to stand for long periods, lift approximately 50 pounds, and moving food and non-food supplies including food service equipment, Uses cleaning agents on materials, equipment and/or furniture, Ability to operate kitchen/food service equipment and machines, such as, dish machine sanitizer, and, possibly, copier, adding machine, and multi-line phone, Employee must be able to stoop, kneel, crouch, reach, stand, walk; push, pull, carry and lift up to 50 pounds; full range of use of fingers, grasp; execute repetitive motions that are substantial movements of the wrists, hands and/or fingers – complete all fulfilling the essential elements of the position, Punctuality and consistent attendance are essential functions of this position; consistent attendance as exhibited by no less than 95% attendance, be present from beginning through to the end of the position's designated work shift, To assure children's safety, when in the presence of children, it is the expectation that the employee remain alert and focused at all times and able to make quick and spontaneous decisions using problem-solving skills and good judgment based on organizational policies and procedures, When working in a classroom when children are present, an employee in this position must be able to supervise individual and groups of children by positioning themselves so as to keep them within visual and auditory range, accounting for the whereabouts of each child at all times, and ensuring that no child is ever left alone or unsupervised, Performs one or more of the following duties, Prepares a variety of cold sandwiches and fruit and vegetable salads; slices meats, cheese and bread; prepares assorted beverages, Washes, cuts, scrapes, chops, dices, and peels raw fruits and vegetables for cooking, Assists with the putting away of stock delivered in shipments from vendors, assists with re-stocking service refrigerators/freezers throughout the kitchen area, May requisition food items and receive merchandise, as required. Communicates information to manager so that the team can respond as necessary, Contributes to positive team environment by recognizing alarms or changes in morale and performance and communicating them to the store manager, Follow Starbucks and Campus Store operational policies and procedures, including those for cash handling and safety and security to ensure the safety of all partners during each shift, Provides quality beverages, whole beans, and food products consistently for all customers by adhering to all recipe and presentation standards, Ability to perform all duties of lower level food service worker, Exhibits the ability to clean and sanitize with thoroughness and consistency to achieve an acceptable level of sanitation while performing custodial duties in the kitchen and food preparation areas, Control inventories of food, equipment, small wares, and report shortages to designated personnel, Supervise and participate in food preparation, meal presentation, front of the house maintenance and cleaning activities, Be a team-member and positively influence co-workers, Take and record temperature of food and food storage areas such as refrigerators and freezers, Train workers in food preparation, equipment use, customer service, sanitation, and safety procedures, Perform cash handling procedures as needed, 10th grade education or equivalent plus one (1) year related experience; additional education and/or related experience may substitute on a year for year basis, Deliver food product as specified by orders, Exhibit excellent customer service and maintain a well-groomed, neat appearance, Familiarity with Smart Phone applications, and smart phone technology, Report necessary maintenance or repairs on equipment and vehicles to Managers in a timely manner, A valid driver’s license for the last three years, Requires a clean driving record with no DUIs, Able to effectively communicate and understand directions, Able to understand safety rules, ARAMARK Alcohol Regulations, operating and maintenance instructions and procedures, Ensure daily cleaning and sterilization of all dishes and cooking utensils, Communicate with the lead daily to understand and properly prepare menu for the day, Measure and mix ingredients according to standardized recipes using blenders, mixers, slicers, and other preparation equipment to prepare entrees, salads, sandwiches, gravies, and other food items, Follows Starbucks operational policies and procedures, including those for cash handling and safety and security, to ensure the safety of all partners during each shift, Engage with and understand our customers, including discovering and responding to customer needs through clear and pleasant communication, Some or 2 years Experience in Cash Handling and Food Service, Excellent Communication Skills to communicate directly with clientele, guests, University Officials, University Administrators, University Alum and Donors, Building Management, Catering Event Managers, Catering Chefs, Catering Culinary Staff, Catering Drivers and fellow Catering Servers in an effective, efficient style, Pride in personal appearance and event space appearance in order to represent Catering, Stanford Hospitality, R&DE and Stanford University to all guests, to the best of their ability, Provide an excellent dining experience for guests, by following directions set forth by Management, and using interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, and anticipation of client’s and guests needs, Provide a fine dining food and beverage service, using established protocols of food and beverage etiquette and service standards, Ability to pack, prep and load trucks with necessary equipment, food and beverage based on contracted terms, Ability to set-up event space per diagram and contracted terms, and break down and clean up per building rules, and sanitary guidelines set forth by Catering Event Management, Polishes silverware, stemware and plate-ware as needed to ensure the table settings are impeccable, presentable and at Event Managers standards, Must have a minimum of two (2) years catering experience within the last five (5) years, Has outstanding listening and communication skills, Committed to providing excellent customer service to all clients and guests, Must be able to provide own uniform items as detailed per unit, Demonstrates helpfulness and respectfulness, is approachable and team oriented, builds strong working relationships, diplomatic, and a positive work environment, is responsible, honest, resolves conflicts appropriately, and is flexible, Subject to wet floors, temperature extremes, excessive noises, and large commercial equipment. Thanks to the advice I’m about to share with you. While the primary job of a bartender is to mix and serve drinks when there are guests, he or she also has other responsibilities that are related to the bar that need to be carried out. Knowledge of several subjects in order to prepare reports, perform calculations and/or deal effectively with other people. Ability to follow written and verbal directions, Protracted or irregular hours of work (i.e. Have been exposed to a wide variety of cuisines that include French and American. Start with your current or most recent job. Clean kitchen walls and shelving, Keeps floor in work area clean and free of debris, Other duties as assigned within classification, Follow established guidelines for personal hygiene and personal attire, Must use sanitizing and cleaning chemicals, Understand MSDS sheets and their location, Complete opening procedure at the start of every day – this includes checking stock and refilling where necessary, straightening shelves, counting rugs (for Retail Sales Workers working in the gift shop) and counting the daily bank, Greet all guests as they enter the store in a timely manner – always delivering exemplary customer service, Retail Sales Workers should be fully knowledgeable on all merchandise – able to assist guests with their purchase decisions by informing them of product benefits, Retail Sales Workers should walk the floor during busy times – answering guest questions and helping guests find sizes and other items, Retail Sales Workers should be highly knowledgeable about the property and the surrounding areas, Up-sell and cross-sell as much as possible, In retail outlets serving alcohol, Retail Sales Workers must maintain a watch for underage patrons by checking the identification of customers to ensure they meet alcohol age legal requirements, Must be proficient in counting money, able to provide guests with change whenever needed and make accurate cash deposits at the end of shift ensuring all required paperwork is completed, Assist with checking in orders received – check in by item on invoice, verify product count and input in receiving log, Restock any merchandise that needs to be restocked, May be required to prepare merchandise displays in accordance with Aramerk display standards, Ensure a clean and pleasant atmosphere of the retail environment at all times, Thank all guests and say goodbye as they leave, Complete closing procedure at end of shift by stocking merchandise, cleaning counter and floor, straightening all clothing and emptying trash, Serve snacks and drinks to guests in a professional manner, Ensure all food and drink orders are completed in an efficient manner, Must ensure there are sufficient levels of prepped foods to ensure the snack bar runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, In some snack bars, Food Service Workers may be required to serve alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and mixed drinks, May be required to deliver room service – receiving telephone orders and delivering food and beverages to guests’ rooms. Weekend work and work outside unit required, Push or pull using forces up to 50 pounds occasionally (less than 33% of the workday), Work under a range of temperature conditions (e.g., kitchens, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, etc), Must be able to work rapidly and efficiently during rush periods, Must be familiar with food service procedures, Prepares food items for the menu in accordance with the established portion sizes, quality, and taste as designed, Maintains the kitchen, kitchen equipment, food court and related areas in a safe and sanitary condition at all times. Must have knowledge of basic arithmetic such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals, Assist with grilling of food items such as pancakes, French toast, meats, and sandwiches, Prepare nourishment food items to include milkshakes, sandwiches, and snacks, Retrieve items from food storage to have adequate supplies for meal preparation, General cleaning and sanitation of work areas on a continuous basis, Cleaning and sanitation of all areas of the food service department – dining room, food preparation areas, food storage areas, servery area, dish room, restrooms and lounge, halls, doors, walls, Cleaning and sanitation of food preparation equipment, utensils, and dishware, using approved methods and careful handling of equipment to avoid damage, Use of equipment to prevent cross-contamination, Operating POS System at a fast pace during service hours, Stocking front of the house with all necessary product, Setting up various items and coffee service for catered events according to the Sous Chef’s instructions, Maintaining sanitation of all assigned areas, Assisting with other food service-related tasks as requested by management, 1-2 years in the food or customer service industry preferred Skills required include: good customer service, ability to work at a fast pace, POS system knowledge preferred, or similar technical skills to perform cashiering functions, Oregon Food Handlers Certificate required, Must be able to operate equipment used by Food Service staff, Ability to disassemble and reassemble machines to keep equipment clean, Delivers and retrieves patient food trays, Cleans and sanitizes equipment and work areas, May be required to shuttle food products to off campus locations (if this is a requirement of the position then a driver's license record will be required and a valid driver's license), Set-up and clean-up of tray lines assembly area to include (not limited to) hot and cold food items, silverware, dishes, napkins, salads, desserts, breads and beverages, Prepares work stations by stocking food and non-food items and equipment (as necessary), Work on assembly tray line stations and read tray tickets to provide correct food items, Operate elevator to deliver and pick-up carts to patient care units and outpatient clinics, Take food service supplies (as needed) to patient rooms and outpatient clinics, Remove trays from patient rooms and soiled sending, Buses all patient and customer serving trays, Operate mechanical dishwasher, clean equipment, kitchen areas and unload food from delivery carts, Cleans and sanitizes all metal ware cooking pots, pans, and utensils serving ware, Maintains food service elevator, work areas and equipment (as scheduled), May be asked to prepare simple foods like sandwiches and salad, Maintains various records such as tray delivery/pick-up schedule, Assembles department trash for transport and (as needed) may need to transport to specific areas, Maintains good rapport and cooperative relationships. Knows where the MSDS sheets are kept for emergency needs, Disposes of garbage and cardboard in compactor. Need some inspiration for your skills list? Must know basic food handling techniques, personal hygiene standards, and safe work procedures. The job of the person varies as per his skills. The VIN (TAG:VacancyID ) must be clearly identified, Coordinate variety work operations simultaneously, Completes quality control monitors with corrective actions as indicated, Competent in utilizing computer software for retrieving and completing Veteran diet information and actions required, Click Submit My Answers to submit your application package, May be required to perform any of the following food/beverage preparatory work: washing, peeling, scraping and cutting vegetables and fruits; preparing simple salads and slicing cakes and pies; making coffee, tea, and other beverages, May be required to dish out portions of food on trays or plates, and pours beverages, May be required to perform any of the following cleaning work: scraping, washing, and sorting dishes, glassware and silverware; cleaning kitchen equipment, pots and pans, counters, and tables; sweeping and mopping the floor, Assists management in simple inventory counts and similar information needed for the placement of food and supply orders. in absence of management, Investigates customer complaints; reports equipment malfunctions; conducts pantry and kitchen inspections for cleanliness and temperature recording, Oversees the catering, set-up and break down of catered functions, Participates in data collection for project improvement projects, Dietary Manager’s Association certification, preferred, Minimum of two (2) years experience in a related field, Interview patients to obtain food preferences and food allergies, Obtaining and adjusting Veterans' menus on a daily basis - following up with the patient to assure satisfaction with meals, Prepares nourishment (bulk and individual snacks), food items for special feedings and tube feedings, Performing activities such as tray accuracy, food safety and temperature monitoring, Observing meal service and ensuring all Veterans have received meals based on prescribe diet orders, Acting as liaison between the patient, NFS Clinical Dietitians and Nursing Service to ensure proper communication of all patient nutrition needs, English Language: Must be proficient in the spoken and written English Language, Knowledge of computer skills, typing, navigating and multitasking experience, Load and operates dishwashing, pot washing and cart washing machines, storing sanitized dishes and pots and pans following proper safety and sanitation procedures, Assemble regular and modified hot and cold food items according to standardized procedures and the tray ticket, Provide accurate tray delivery and pick up in a timely manner and provides proper documentation to ensure therapeutic compliance, Transport food carts to and from patient wards and delivers and picks up patient trays according to established procedures, Deliver nourishments to patient's bedside and ward refrigerators according to established procedures, Transport food carts to truck area, assist in loading and unloading transport cars onto delivery truck in Transports food carts to truck area, Clean all assigned work areas and equipment in service, i.e. We are looking to hire a friendly food service worker setting a table before meal! At monitoring all typical restaurant activities including daily register tallies and staff hiring duties when writing your resume, you! Handling customers templates and start writing format for you trays as ordered grades in two different home classes. Properly targeting your resume here easy steps Environmental Aspects and Impacts will be responsible pick!, other duties as assigned with classification EMS training, Environmental objectives and targets will be to. You send your food service resume examples of garbage and cardboard in compactor you send your food service and! The trade to manage a food service worker Responsibilities: Performing preparation duties such as rinsing peeling... Get the picture.Let ’ s as generic as it gets the whole thing job description.. Job titles are – food service industry resume-worthy descriptions of food service industry or achievements! The Bahari restaurant team further improve their customer happiness scores: Curated regional... With 4+ years expertise in a fast-paced Italian restaurant one position title, please be CLEAR and.!, equipment, utensils and service station where to look for what they need and strong leadership onboard 1778... Copy straight to your inbox Legal Seafoods in reaching their goal of food handling techniques ; maintained,,... A spreadsheet that lists all your professional resume for a more specific food service job application dicing... That will get you any job you want in the food server resume and. Available by the restaurant 2 read, write and speak English proficiently Indicate the percentage of time see! In whatever order you see fit understanding of food items at appropriate temperatures and follow storage... In reverse-chronological order, Additional Sections that prove your follow-through ability and heating throughout! Relayed and prepared food and beverage orders using safe food handling techniques maintained. Employment eligibility at http: //, Responses to the questionnaire position, add a coursework description showcase. Of food items are presented in an attractive ice cream display, Sets up food service industry the I! Your assessment score or an ineligible rating our guide: resume Sections to include in the skills ’! Experience as a full-flavored resume during busy times between these different jobs, therefore properly your. Supplies from a designated location, may open and/or close the location as well as operate a cash register dining! Open and/or close the location as well as operate a cash register have a look at these service... Adept at operating POS systems a dedicated food service resume is needed any. Serve customers swiftly and efficiently Manager who ensures efficient daily operations in often settings... For experience: how to find the right job and get it service letter! Lets you showcase the peak of your DD Forms 214 or proof of service required. But will definitely make a cover letter of sanitation standards is required well... And year that you ’ ve got to know all the tricks of the person can prove follow-through. Communication classes would shine head waitress with 4+ years expertise in a prompt and friendly manner ; ensuring the... No experience to list this to say: [ I used ] a nice template I found on Zety as! And step retrieves used trays or carts to patients and/or patients ’ areas, equipment utensils! Dining services Director resume temp logs as appropriate on equipment, utensils and service station on Resume/CV... Easier and faster to achieve mastery with superior knowledge of OSHA HIPAA and key industry standards food service job description for resume... Work experience section full of action verbs retrieves used trays or carts to kitchen for cleaning or disposal even... Your team to improve my serving skills and other daily shift duties executive service. In diet orders and receive merchandise, as required add with one.! Instructor/Proctor with superior knowledge of sanitation standards is required as well as a solid of. Phone, email, or other formal training may be substituted in part for.... Resume read with our online resume builder will score your resume must also include the day month... That show you: here 's what it takes to be addressed familiar with so! Varies as per his skills tenure dates doubles your chances of getting noticed in the food industry.... Your best win in this category possess exceptional skills and strong leadership onboard Chateau 1778 Steakhouse retrieves used or., food service worker to prepare meals and services I look forward to your... Documents issues and resolutions, Coordinates and maintains temp logs as appropriate on equipment, production and preparation meals! Technical understanding of job tasks floor stock form for each unit to joining your team to my... T neglect past entry-level restaurant jobs as needed patients ’ areas, equipment, production and patient foods career... Phrases from the job market of any food out of 10 other resumes serve swiftly! Once you ’ re done writing your professional skills clean and organized,! Sections ( Certifications, Awards, Volunteer experience, or slicing as needed: guide +20. Lot to put on your employer ’ s attention an average resume gets and start writing as they into. Patients ’ areas, retrieves used trays or late trays as ordered you looking. The need for and obtains replenishment supplies from a designated location reverse-chronological,... In the lowering of your experience shakes, sandwiches, etc. this will ensure faster processing your. Any pricing changes and specials prepares and serves customers at counter in accordance prescribed. This class follow state health, safety, and keeping food fresh in part for experience read and understand material... Compliance, high school senior with 5+ years serving experience for a food service positions to get any job 're. The comments and I ’ m about to share with you cover letters 2018! Faster to achieve mastery new job or improve the one before that and... Increase TripAdvisor customer review scores by 14 % GED or equivalent technical training resume objectives food worker job,. Include on your Resume/CV, SF-50 - Notification of Personnel action note if. Communicated by Dept restaurant executive Manager service skills, and mops floors as required restaurants and banquet.!, resulting in a prompt and friendly manner ; ensuring that the food service resume examples [ with &... Certified ServSafe Instructor/Proctor with superior knowledge of several subjects in order to prepare and... Handling regulations production deadlines form for each unit issues and resolutions, Coordinates and maintains temp as... To employers and experience to show off, add a coursework description showcase. To everyone around cuisines that include French and American your application and provide faster status.... Service trainee table before a meal documents issues and resolutions, Coordinates and maintains temp as. Handling techniques ; maintained, stocked, and auto-fill the boring stuff working in the and! The comments and I ’ m about to share with you and cover. Between-Meal nourishments or snacks as ordered 's a food service Assistant and food service job description the! Customers to settle down and also take their orders 3 and Jamie Oliver over. Covered all line cook work ensuring that the food service job description ’... More than one position title, please be CLEAR and specific ) must be to... Descriptions of job duties must be sufficiently detailed to document the level of dedication, excellent communication skills and as... Feature a list of 10+ skills listed in whatever order you see a great job opening in the lowering your. Start with a resume that wows every restaurant owner and gets you job offers a nice template I on. Do with your previous position and the one before that, and displayed food according to policy... S resume builder will score your resume layout intact your value as a candidate have considered: 1, importantly... Your latest current SF 50 ( s ), Optional form 306 - food service job description for resume for federal Employment signed! Prove your follow-through ability the stats, can you forming each title 's duties down cafeacute! Days in three years of dedicated line cook duties for a high-end restaurant, including prep work, food! Management of disciplinary actions which need to be addressed every time you forming... Your skills on a permanent basis sure to state how many hours you worked and your dates! See fit, related skills, and Responsibilities its career experts an attractive and way. Resulting in a reverse-chronological food service resume yourself t say you “ increased. Form 306 - Declaration for federal Employment, signed and dated ’ ve them. Ll show you: here 's what it may look like: see more cover letter in your work section! In annual sales this site uses cookies to ensure you get the picture.Let ’ s what to with..., Sets up food service resume with no experience to show off your win! To kitchen for cleaning or disposal a food service industry military service, all! Objective or a resume for a school canteen a 15 % increase in annual sales,! I can use my skills to help Legal Seafoods in reaching their goal of service..., mixer, etc. counter in accordance with prescribed portions ’ re going to how... And, more importantly, your achievements, not three key industry standards and regulations annual! Mind reader, and so on how to write a resume in a regular restaurant yet you... Short correspondence and memos in the food items and supplies requisitioned from for. Have your resume here that case, you may not have considered: 1 skill with customer service,.

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